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Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!

1968 USS Goldsborough Vietnam Era Double-Sided Zippo Lighter - Very Good

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USS Goldsborough was deployed on the Vietnam Gun line several times and participated in the Apollo 11 recovery mission. 

1968  Double-Sided Zippo in Very Good 85 condition. This used US Navy lighter is in Very Good condition with very light scratches and one pinhead sized ding. Comes with box. The bottom of the box is in poor condition, cover is good. Insert is correct, hinge solid. Paint good on both sides. 

Makes one wonder how many times this lighter was fired on the ship's deck along the coast of Vietnam. 

 Some Ship's History - In August 1966, Goldsborough entered the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for overhaul and extensive modification. In 1967 she participated in "Operation Sea Dragon", designed to interdict the North Vietnamese lines of supply into the Republic of Vietnam, and provided Naval Gunfire Support along the DMZ. During this deployment Goldsborough fired nearly 10,000 rounds in support of allied forces and avoided over 800 rounds of hostile fire without damage to the ship. She was awarded the Naval Unit Commendation for exceptionally meritorious service in Vietnamese waters from 29 August 1967 to 17 February 1968 upon her return to Pearl Harbor.

In November 1968 Goldsborough made her fourth Western Pacific deployment in five years, participating in eighty-eight gunfire missions in support of Vietnam, Republic of Korea, and U. S. Marine and Army forces.

In 1969 Goldsborough participated in the Apollo 11 Recovery Mission. The command module Columbia splashed down about 200 nautical miles south of Johnston Island at 12:50 GMT 24 July 1969.

After a yard period in 1970, Goldsborough made a fifth West-Pac tour, departing Pearl in August and returning in February 1971. Again she provided Naval Gunfire Support for allied troops, and carried out carrier escort duties in the Gulf of Tonkin. s

In early 1972 she was assigned to the recovery Task Force for Apollo 16. Departing again on 13 October 1972 for her seventh deployment to the Western Pacific, this would be her last trip to the "gunline" of Vietnam. In December, while conducting a combat mission Goldsborough was hit by coastal artillery fire. The shore battery put a hole five feet wide through an upper deck, killing three sailors and wounding several others. The ship's crew received a Meritorious Unit Commendation for service between October 1972 and February 1973. The ship returned to Pearl Harbor in May 1973.

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