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Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!
Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!

Collectors Flame Estate Planning Services

At Collectors Flame we understand that your collection is a passion, but it is also a significant investment. 

Is your investment protected? And what will happen to it if you can no longer care for it? We offer a couple of services that may provide you comfort and assurances. 

Estate Planning - If you can no longer care for your collection will your spouse or next of kin understand the value of your collection or the best way to distribute or maximize liquidating it? Being collectors ourselves we can appreciate the importance of all of this and would want someone who cared and had the expertise to be involved with our own collection and family.

At Collectors Flame we can help you plan a strategy for your collection to be handled as you would prefer. You will be able to consider our Consignment Services as a way to maximize the value for your loved ones without any of the hassles. We can also purchase entire lots. 

List / Value - If you had a fire, flood or theft would your insurance cover you? Many require an itemized listing to reimburse you for your "collectible" losses. 

“I utilized Collectors Flame List & Value service and for the first time in all my years of collecting I have a comprehensive list of all of my lighters complete with values and photos. Collectors Flame worked to value each lighter for both current market and replacement values. Great thorough document to have for insurance purposes and to help guide my family should they ever need it. And now I can just add new lighters as I go along”. ~ Peter B.

We can help you list and value your collection either at fair market value, insurance replacement value or both! This list can also help your family navigate your collection when you can't. You get an itemized list with description, grade and value for each piece with a cover document from Collectors Flame.

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