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Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!
Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!

Collectors Flame Grading System

Bradford Flame Grading System

To standardize grading terms Collectors Flame is using the following grading scale to best describe the condition of the item. It is based on a scale of 40-100. With a score of 100 (Gem Mint being quite uncommon).

This grading system speaks only to condition, not to how rare a piece may be. So, bear in mind a rare lighter in Fair condition may have greater value than a common modern lighter in Mint condition.

  • 100 Gem Mint - Gem Mint is indicative of a lighter that is unused and pristine in every way. It should have no blemishes of any kind and should be the same as the day it was produced. A Gem Mint grade is only used in rare circumstances when these conditions are met.
  • 95+ MintMint lighters are unused and perfect in every way but may have a very slight dulling with age or one pin head sized age spot on the reverse of the lighter. Paint and design elements should be vibrant. 
  • 90+ ExcellentExcellent condition reflects a lighter that has no damage to its design but may have slight exceptionally light scratches or blemishes that are not that easily seen without close inspection. It may have been fired and used very gently.
  • 85+ Very GoodVery Good is indicative of a lighter that has been used but remains in desirable condition with minor scratches and blemishes. It may have the beginning signs of chrome wear or patina. The hinge may be slightly loose.
  • 80+ GoodGood represents a usable lighter that shows wear may have some scratches that do not affect the design and/or a small ding. These lighters are serviceable and have been obviously used. Some paint or design elements may be worn.
  • 70+ FairFair is the grade for a lighter that has been used has some condition issues that may affect the design elements and the hinge may also be loose. Paint or design elements may be gone. This lighter may need some work to be made usable again.
  • 60+ WornWorn is the category for a well-used lighter that may have paint or design loss, scratches, loose hinge, and small dents. This type of lighter may need to be serviced to be functional again.
  • 40+ PoorThe Poor designation is reserved for lighters that are deeply marred and/or damaged. These lighters if rare may still have value and many enjoy repairing them and/or utilizing the parts.


  • Box condition should be noted separately if it does not match the condition of the lighter.
  • Loose hinge, restoration, incorrect insert, or any other significant detail should be mentioned in the description.
  • Items that are linked through to eBay may be presented by a different seller and their description and grading may vary from that of Collectors Flame.
  • Collectors Flame will make every effort to make sure that items are represented properly.