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Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!
Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!

About Collectors Flame

At Collectors Flame we know that collecting is a passion for many. And we too enjoy our collection and want to provide access to quality resale collectibles in our marketplace that are described accurately and fairly priced. 

Our goal is to provide some fun info and links in our collectors community. 

We focus on the resale of collectible items and not new catalog merchandise. Lighters and other items will be available for sale directly on our site, but we also strive to present a wide array of inventory that is available through other sellers and we provide a pass through link to those purchases. These items will clearly indicate the link to access them. When using those links your purchase will be subject to the terms and conditions of that seller. 

At Collectors Flame we also want to provide unique services to help you plan what will happen to your collection in the future via our Appraisals, and Consignment services. For those of you that don't want to get into the resale business of listing your own items, contact us, we'd be happy to help.

We have created a grading system to help standardize the description and condition of the items for sale. See our Grading Page

With the initial startup of our business we will have limited inventory as we continue to grow, so we hope you will signup, so we can contact you when we add significant inventory to the site. 

Also, as we get started we will only ship to US addresses, but hope to expand to some international locations soon. International visitors can contact us if you see an item you are interested in.

Items presented on our site are collectibles that are for resale. Collectors Flame, is a resale marketplace and does not manufacture any of the inventory listed on this site for sale. The manufactures product name, logos, and other registered trademarks that may appear on this site are the sole property of the manufacturer. 

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and welcome your feedback.