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Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!
Welcome to Collectors Flame! FREE Shipping on orders over $100!!

1972 Vintage United Engineers Zippo Set -Zippo Barcroft, Full and Rule Mint

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SKU BF000381

You will never see this again! 48 year old Gem Mint Set - Barcroft, Lighter and Rule.

There are almost no words... Gem Mint 100 model 4 Barcroft in box with papers; 1972 Gem Mint 100 full-sized lighter in box w papers. Gem Mint 100 Zippo Rule in box. These are all United Engineers and Construction Inc Safety Award pieces. It is clear these were received and barely ever opened all clean as can be. All of the boxes are in great shape with minor imperfections. 

A Vintage Zippo set at its best!

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Collectors Flame General Grading System
100 Gem Mint - Gem Mint is indicative of a lighter that is unused and pristine in every way. It should have no blemishes of any kind and should be the same as the day it was produced. A Gem Mint grade is only used in rare circumstances when these conditions are met.
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